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Real Estate Information Service, Inc. was founded on the need for property information.

In 1985 we began collecting data, formatting it into an easy to use format, and making it available to our clients. What began with one county in South Carolina has since grown to cover over 70 counties across South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. We are always striving to remain at the forefront of information technology and will continue to work diligently to make our services more easily accessible to our clients.

When we began, our primary focus was in printed reports. These reports detailed real estate transactions. By the early 1990’s dial up services allowed our customers to access and download our information using their personal computers. With the advent of the Internet, came a new avenue for sharing information. was born. This new product allowed our customers to easily search our wealth of information in a variety of ways such as: tax map number, ownership, address, and sale price. We were also able to offer mortgage information. With the limited digitization of tax maps came the thought that searching could be possible through both maps and user entered criteria. By 2005, this concept became a reality with the release of our product, PropTools. The program not only allows our customers to search by property information, but also allows them to see the property on a map. These maps contain many detailed layers that display vital information including: topography, parcel lines, flood zones, and traffic counts.

As we continued to assess the needs of our clients we developed yet another product. In 2007, our New Homes Review was created to give builders access to critical information regarding the new home market. Our drive to move forward and bring our clients new and better products is as strong as ever. We are pleased to introduce a new version of PropTools. This new version is Internet-based and will be easily accessed from any computer. It will include many new map layers, more current photographs and aerials, more options for mapping, letters, labels and customized reports. offers more to our users than ever before.

As technology continues to move forward, look for Real Estate Information Service, Inc. to remain at the forefront. We will work to provide new products and find new avenues by which to make these products more readily available to those that need them. Our company was founded on the principles of customer service and loyalty. Those principles have helped us retain many of our earliest customers. It is our goal to continue to offer excellent service and unparalleled products to those who have come to trust our name in the world of real estate data.