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For three decades Real Estate Information Service, Inc. has been serving the needs of appraisers. PropTools is a great solution for appraisers. Searches by land-use allow appraisers to limit searches, and find comparable property fast. PropTools contains historical information as well as up to date closing information on all properties. This is essential information in doing an appraisal. PropTools allows you to copy maps directly into your appraisal reports. Maps can contain tags marking subject property and comps.

  • Historical information
  • Data updated weekly
  • Editable maps and customizable reports

Real estate appraisers must rely on multiple sources of information when considering the market realities of a subject. Private party sales, for sale by owner, and institutional investor transactions are but a few of the property exchanges which are not monitored by competing services or most Multiple listing Services. An appraisal can be dramatically changed by one missed transaction or comparable sale. The freshness of our data is a critical factor.

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